The best inside tool a company has for improving it's profitability. CRM software is sale's best friend, marketing's best friend, customer service's best friend and of course, supplychain's best friend. 

And why wouldn't it be? Since it is the perfect multi tool for marketing and sales and customer service.

With your very own CRM software you can:

  • keep track of the activity of your sales team, from calls made, emails sent, presentations, meetings and all that follows after, in order to close that deal or grow that customer account. 
  • keep track of every customer with his/her questions, order follow-ups or even complaints
  • make sure you never lose any data , and all relevant departments have access to it in real time in order to improve your work flow and your time of response
  • prioritise objectively with all the information up to date and handy
  • give your customers exactly what they want as they change; you now can track their interests, needs and buying habits and tailor the marketing effort accordingly
  • track customer product use as the product progresses through its life cycle, and tailor the service strategy accordingly; this way customers get what they need as the product ages.

With a CRM system, your business has one place to store every customer, every lead, every service request, all of their contact info, preferences,and history so your conversations are always personal, relevant, and up-to-date. All available on mobile, desktop and through powerful reports & dashboards.

We do not believe in "one size fits all" solutions, so we will tailor your very own CRM software with an individual approach. After all, it is gonna run an entire business, so it might as well fit perfectly to your needs. 

Here at Tuxido, we offer:

  • Usability: a user-friendly interface
  • Security: data encryption 
  • Functionality: based on your particular needs 
  • Cost Effectiveness and Scalability
  • Faster Deployment
  • The ability to work from anywhere, on any device
  • Automatic software update