ERP Software Development 


Enterprise Resource Planning or as we like to say... a company's engine is a multi-module application software that links and binds various processes and departments that are essential to running a business: inventory, accounting, human resources, customer relationship, production, acquisition and beyond.

An ERP system actually integrates all these various functions into one complete system to ease the flow, manage and store processes and information across the entire organization.

Or, in other words... CONTROL and SPEED.

Your employees from different departments can rely on the same information for their specific needs , in real time, thus improving the flow of the process. 

An easy-to-use, simple and intuitive interface that will make you're employees's work easier, faster and more precise. 

You can now replace different paperwork, reports and miscommunication, with a centralised database, where each sees what they need to and when they need it. 

ERP software helps to eliminate redundant processes and systems, dramatically lowering the cost of doing business overall.

Here at TUXIDO, we are specialized in building custom ERP software modules because we believe a GOOD ERP is:

  • Well integrated with all business processes 
  • Secure: with strong protection mechanisms
  • Reliable: reliable data storage, processing and backup mechanism so that you won't lose any information due to hardware failures
  • User friendly: an easy-to-use interface, available on the entire range of devices
  • Cost effective and scalable

Having your very own ERP means you can easily manage distribution process management, supply chain management, services knowledge base, configure, prices, improve accuracy of financial data, facilitate better project planning, automate employee life-cycle, standardise critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks, assess business needs, accounting and financial applications, lower purchasing costs, human resources and payroll.

Let me just give you a few examples of modules we can beautifully create for you:

  • product planning
  • material purchasing 
  • inventory control
  • distribution
  • accounting
  • marketing
  • finance 
  • HR

...and the list can continue.