Why do I need a secretary? It's very easy to pickup the phone and answer... right?
So... why do I need an accounting officer? Math ... c`mon, I've been doing math since the 2nd grade...

The answer is simple: you need to do, what you do best!
Have your accountant pull the plug when you go over the budget, and your secretary build your calendar.

An ERP it's all of the above, it's a secretary who will push you with the latest agenda updates, it's also your accounting officer that is 24 hours on your demand.
You will be able to forcast the business flow, you will be able to maintain a low inventory cost - knowing what the stock needs to be in May for instance, based on the analytics your ERP does behind the scene.

A good ERP, is not something you should purchase from a well known company, who built an amasing ERP solution.


The ERP you need, is your ERP!


Having someone dictate the way things should work on your company, not knowing all the business logistics and how it flows, is just not going to work. No one knows the business better than you.
This is the reason why, some of you, CEOs or some of you CFOs, who are trying to implement XXYSERP will fail big time. And the reason is very simple: It wasn't built for you, it was built for everyone.

Since 1998 when we started working in this field, despite all the advice we got at that time, we focused on the client.


"Razvan, in 2005 worked as a sales man for a company, who sold spare parts for cars. He worked from 9am to 6pm every day, for 6 months. You might say that is extreme, but the client is still using the solution he built. After more than 11 years, the client is happy, using the same solution built with early tehnology. At that time, there were no jQuery... no async requests, and no Ajax...The client is refusing to go and implement a second ( and better ) platform, because he is very happy with "his old monster" - and I can understand his reason: it's working perfectly, because it was built for him 100%"


How would you describe the solution that you have existing at the moment in your company? Is it what you need? If not, why... ?


See you next week, with a new approach on how important is to know the client business before offering any solution.